Due to the very small size of the particles in the nanotechnology field, which will inevitably have a very large surface area, it increases the tendency to react with the environment.

Therefore, nanoscale materials are extremely reactive. To display this feature, it is necessary to point out that if we have a solid sphere with a radius of one millimeter with a known density.

If we were to divide this sphere into small spheres with a radius of 1 nanometer, the resulting area would be one million times the area of ​​a large sphere, so it would react as much as one million times with the surrounding environment. Therefore, the production of nanomaterials is extremely important for most industrial purposes. Arman Search Company of Noor Energy Seekers, due to the unceasing efforts of the expert colleagues of this collection, has the ability to produce the following nanoparticles in industrial dimensions.

ZnO oxide nanoparticles (ZnO), alpha and gamma alumina nanoparticles (Al2O3), copper oxide nanoparticles (II) (CuO), iron oxide nanoparticles 2 and 3 (Fe2O3, Fe3O4), nickel oxide nanoparticles (NiOp), nanopods , Gold nanoparticles (Au), titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2), magnesium oxide nanoparticles (MgO), manganese dioxide nanoparticles (MnO2), copper nanoparticles (Cu), silicon nanofluids (SiOS zinc and SiO2), nanopods Calcium carbonate nanoparticles (CaCO3).