Hand and surface disinfectants are one of the essential products in people’s daily lives. Especially these days, which is synonymous with the occurrence of coronavirus in the world and has caused problems in normal life.

In this field, there are various products based on alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on the market that we do not want to pay much attention to in this place. Due to its field of work in the field of nanomaterials, Arman Noor Energy Search Company (ASEPE) has started to produce products under the name of Nanoclinia, which we want to pay a little attention to its features.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere, and when you engage in daily activities, they can be transmitted to you by hand and make you sick. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from hand disease is to use disinfectants. It should be noted that washing your hands with ordinary water does not allow you to clean viruses and bacteria. Nanoclinia solution is one of the products of Arman Jobjogaran Company for this purpose. This solution is based on nanotechnology and kills bacteria and viruses directly.

Nanoclinia hand and surface disinfectant solution is one of the best hand disinfectant solutions to prevent infectious diseases and eliminate infections of bacterial, viral and fungal origin in Iran and the world. It should also be noted that the durability of this product is much higher than similar products.

The difference between this product and the solutions available in the market is that in addition to the effect on bacteria, they are very useful and strong for killing viruses and fungi. This solution cleans and disinfects hands without the need for rinsing and drying, and prevents dry skin despite moisturizing and emollient compounds. This product repairs hand wounds and also does not allow to catch fire, while alcohol-based products are dangerous from this perspective.

It should be noted that according to the experiments performed, the effectiveness of this product is less than one minute 96.99% and under 15 minutes 9999.99%. It does not smell bad, but the aroma of plants and fruits gives a special charm to this product.