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The application of nanotechnology in the optics and photonics industry is one of the achievements of recent years in the field of light engineering.
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Nanotechnology is one of the dominant technologies in recent years and is one of the most influential technologies in the world.
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Due to the very small size of the particles in the nanotechnology field, which will inevitably have a very large surface area, it increases the tendency to react with the environment.
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Nanocloids are another possible form of nanomaterials. In this case, a solvent such as water or organic solvents are hospitalized to preserve nanoparticles.
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Nano Gel

The third type of nanomaterial is in the form of a gel, which is a form of providing nanomaterials between colloids and powder. In this case, the nanoparticles are practically dispersed in a small volume of solvent and create special properties.
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Nano disinfectant

Hand and surface disinfectants are one of the essential products in people's daily lives. Especially these days, which is synonymous with the occurrence of coronavirus in the world and has caused problems in normal life.
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