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Some projects and productions

ASEPE Company

Successful implementation

Major customers and business partners

ASEPE company is ready to sign a contract for cooperation and sale of goods and meeting the needs of its colleagues and customers. For more information, please contact the numbers listed on the site.

The main customers and business partners of this company are as follows:

1- Manufacturers of anti-corrosion and antibacterial paints

2- Manufacturers of clothing and antibacterial fabrics

3- Cosmetic manufacturers

4- Research and academic center active in the field of nanomaterials research

5- Hasfieh Ab medical and health centers

6- Car parts production centers

7- Water treatment centers

8- Packaging industry

9- Agriculture

10- Pharmaceutical industry

Some recent projects

In order to achieve the goals of providing services to the country and creating a business, as well as providing an export platform, the company has been able to successfully complete the following project:

List of completed projects:

1- Production of nanomaterials in powder, colloidal and gel forms with more than 30 titles

2- Catalyst production to remove pollutants from oil derivatives

3- Production of nanomaterials for gas sweetening for health purposes

4- Production of infrared detectors of super-fast intermediate bands

5- Production of transparent monitors

6- Production of infrared intermediate camera based on liquid phase process

7- Production of thermograph for storing temperature in 16-channel baking ovens

8- Production of remote body temperature reading camera